Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Irregular Report 29

Here and There
Rant does a "roundup" of his own today, and there's LOTS to talk about. He covers everything from the new Landis lawsuit to the never ending "joy" that is OP.

There are a number of reports (velonews, AP) the IOC is going to retest around 5000 Beijing samples for CERA. We find it amazingly convenient this is not happening when it would affect television ratings.

Velo Vortmax calls for the abolition of the WADA/USADA arbitration "farce":

It is time to do away with the Olympic Committee arbitration model. A prosecution and arbitration hearing within a specific country is marginal. But appeals of awards should be done in National Federal Courts where the athlete resides, not in a Court of Arbitration of Sport in Switzerland. This would stop a "second arbitration" that is done from scratch, with a new set of testimony and arbitrary rules. This would stop jurisdictional questions between countries if an athlete appeals a CAS award to a court of law. Example: Where is the "seat", the United States or Switzerland. Unnecessary conflict of interest of CAS arbitrators would also be avoided.

Most important of all the blackmail that USA Cycling and the International Olympic Committee uses to coerce athletes into signing away their legal rights as a condition to participate in athletic contests under dubious contractual agreements would cease.

WADAwatch brings up the largely "ignored" Vrijman Report in response to last week's call by Pierre Bordry that Lance Armstrong "come clean", as it were, about his alleged 1999 "positives" for PED use which were leaked by L'Equipe in 2005.

Outside Blog wonders if it's 2006 all over again. Holy Cow we hope not!!!

Beth Bikes met Floyd Landis last week at nationals and said he politely listened to her rattle on about nothing.


m said...

"The International Olympic Committee will retest doping samples from the Beijing Games to check for traces of a new blood-boosting drug. "

"The decision comes after a new lab test used by the French Anti-Doping Agency detected CERA during retesting of samples from Tour de France riders. The original urine tests had raised suspicions but proved inconclusive."

""It's very good. It allows us to confound the cheaters," Tour de France chief Christian Prudhomme said Tuesday. "What's being done at the Tour de France has never existed in the world of sport."

Officials confirmed Tuesday that German rider Stefan Schumacher, and Italians Riccardo Ricco and Leonardo Piepoli had tested positive for CERA at the Tour. The three riders combined to win five of the Tour's 21 stages.

Bach said Tuesday that the future of men's road cycling in the Olympics could be threatened unless the sport cleans up its act under the aegis of the international cycling union, or UCI.";_ylt=

Cycling Fan said...

Is it just me or does it appear that ASO is saying "that rider rode too well, test him" or "let's read the tea leaves of the blood profiles". What right does Christian Prudhomme have to review athletes blood profiles? Isn't this confidential? I see a conflict of interest here. As a medical lab scientist I would say that the passport has some merit but you cannot tell yes or no wether someone is doping, just that markers look suspicious. Also, is AFLD now a mini-WADA? How is it that Schumy's test results were announced and he is hearing it for the first time? Doesn't he have rights to a B sample test before declaration of a positive? I wish these guys (UCI, WADA, AFLD) would show some class and decorum instead of bombastic preaching. And oh yeah, the results come months after Le Tour so it is not negative publicity for Le Tour, just poking riders reps in the eye.

Cub said...

I will give ALFD and LNDD credit for being prolific when it comes to turning out new tests. Two new tests for CERA this year, and now a new test for autologous blood transfusions.

Never mind that the urine test for CERA apparently doesn't work too well. I'm sure the newer tests are great.

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...


From what I gather, that test for autologous blood doping isn't ready for prime time, yet. (Of course, that doesn't mean it won't get used before then...)