Friday, November 21, 2008

Irregular Report 41

Here and There
The VeloNews notes that Floyd Landis' lawyers filed a motion Thursday, originally filed in September, in which Landis claimed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles that the three arbitrators in his CAS case had undisclosed conflicts of interest that may have affected the outcome of the appeal of his USADA arbitration ruling:

In the motion filed on Thursday, Landis’ attorneys claimed that evidence of arbitrators’ conflicts of interest on recently came to light after CAS recently posted information about past cases on its Web site.

Steroid Nation feels it's getting "obsessive" and "ridiculous" for Floyd Landis to continue his fight against doping allegations and the subsequent rulings therein.

Racejunkie has some "interesting" comments on cycling stalwart Bijarne Riis as well as "patron saint" of ex-dopers Michael Ball. She wonders who the heck will be a "domestique" for OUCH "bionic man" Floyd Landis. Who indeed? And, is there really a vast French wing conspiracy?

makes note of the Landis to OUCH signing and mentions the wind tunnel testing in NC last week as well as the ongoing recomposition of the team.

ponders the recent proclamation by the wife of OP's infamous Dr. Fuentes that she will "spill the beans" , as it were.


Russ said...
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DR said...

Well now, there's a comment that's ripe for deletion

whareagle said...

The queastion is, is KR smarter than Frelat and Mongongu and their bureaucratic handlers? Ah, I can see it now... Frelat-style Barbie dolls with pull-string statements like, "Leaking to the Press is hard!" "OS/2 is ancient!" and my own favorite, "How did I ever get here?"

Sorry - still bitter.

DBrower said...

Yes, it was a scam troll involving Kid Rock (hence Whareagle's reference to KR.)


Russ said...

I guess I am naive, I made the post.
I also am an old geek who is not much with it and do not understand the complaints.

Doesn't matter, don't bother to explain.

Sorry for the offense - hope you all can find it in your hearts to forgive an ol' farts screwup.


whareagle said...

Russ - it's no big deal. I loved the reference!

GMR said...

Looked at the and was pleasantly surprised to see FL at Leadville! He did look ouchy at the time. And yes it was exciting to be there.

Will he be able to ride in Feb at TOC 2009? Or will the courts still be deciding his fate? Can lawyers get things done quickly for once? The arbitration process has left an indelible impression of taking too long and making too wrong (my opinion) interpretations.