Sunday, November 09, 2008

Irregular Report 39

Here and There
The LA Times reports Catlin may be close to a urine test for HgH

On 13-Nov, Velonews notices ACE has folded shop.

Rant ponders, after reading a NY Times piece, the possibility that Floyd Landis might have gotten a fairer shake in a regular courtroom.

Racejunkie wonders why, if he's so afraid of French cycling fans, Lance A. would poke them with a stick. And hey Tom, slow down!!

Life on Two Wheels says Floyd has been training lots lately, and behind an BMW motorcycle no less.

Floyd was looking really smooth and good. I am stoked to see him back out training, and can't wait to see him race this next season. The bad news for the big teams in the country is that, if they hope to win any stage races this year they better sign some better racers. I can tell you right now Floyd is going to destroy people next year domestically. I would pick him to win just about any stage race in the country. Time to really start training.

The USADA reply in the Landis Federal case ought to arrive this week, so watch the docket and give us a holler if you see it before we do. (A copy would be nice too!) Yes, you need a PACER login to see the docket.

Answering an unrelated question, TBV is mending slowly, still with sore ribs that ruffle sleep and revealed elbow tenderness. Starting stationary training, and sans good bike while lawyers start settlement talk. It left lots of time for election fretting.