Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fed case pushed back

There's some docket action, and the first hearing is pushed back from Nov 24 to maybe Dec 22d. Los Angeles attorney Timothy Martin has put an appearance for USADA, so no connection yet to HRO. Opposition papers are due Dec 8th, and reply on Dec 15.

We'll update the archive a little later with copies, but there's nothing really to see.

11/10/200822 STIPULATION to Continue Hearing Of, And Briefing For, Petitioner's Amended Motion To Vacate Arbitration Award from November 24, 2008 to December 22, 2008 filed by Respondent United States Anti-Doping Agency. (Attachments: # 1 Proposed Order Continuing Hearing Of, And Briefing For, Petitioner's Amended Motion To Vacate Arbitration Award)(Martin, Timothy) (Entered: 11/10/2008)
11/10/200823 NOTICE of Appearance filed by attorney Timothy J. Martin on behalf of Respondent United States Anti-Doping Agency (Martin, Timothy) (Entered: 11/10/2008)
11/10/200824 CERTIFICATION AND NOTICE of Interested Parties filed by Respondent United States Anti-Doping Agency, identifying Floyd Landis, United States Anti-Doping Agency. (Martin, Timothy) (Entered: 11/10/2008)


Unknown said...

So does this mean USADA asked for the extension? The one thing that has burned me more than anything about USADA is that if their case was/and has always been airtight, why didn't they scream to high H*** that they wanted to go to court TODAY. It always seems to me that they have something to hid and are using the time to figure out a way to weasel out of the mess they've gotten themselves into.

Eightzero said...

Justice delayed is justice denied.

At the risk of being a monday morning quarterback, I'm a little stumped as to why USAC wasn't (isn't?) joined in the suit to require them to issue a racing license 1/30/09 notwithstanding payment of the $100k.

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...


That's a very good question. At least that way, Landis could start earning a living, even if he ultimately has to pay the 100 grand. At the rate this is going, this issue may not be settled before Landis' two years are up. Perhaps that's USADA's/USAC's gambit. They'll keep Floyd from coming back "early." And, they'll impose an additional "sanction" of not allowing him to race until he's forked over the dough.

Cynic that I am, it wouldn't surprise me at all if that wasn't what they're up to.

wschart said...

That's probably a good scenario, Rant. And I sort of think that perhaps Landis is making a risky move here wrt his career. If he is not allowed to take out a license until the $100k is forked over, and he waits until the court case fully plays out, it could be quite a while. How long is OUCH willing to wait? Would they perhaps be willing to front Landis the money, pending resolution, and then dock his pay if he looses?

Unknown said...

Here's the thing. USAC is going to lose bigtime if they keep Landis from racing. They need the publicity right now. I mean Landis vs Armstrong at ToC? It has to happen.

So...maybe they will let Landis race regardless of what USADA says?

On a side note..picked up the new Velonews yesterday and couldn't believe the negative responses Velonews printed regarding the letters it received for putting Hamilton on the cover. Why can't people just move on? I mean, Tyler served his sentence, lost tons of money, not to mention his marriage.

To think some people put the riders on such a pedastal, but don't hold the 'rules agencies' to the same standards. Blasphemy!!