Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

The CyclingNews has a couple of interesting stories to offer in this update not the least of which is the resignation of Patrick Lefevere as head of the International Association of Professional Cycling teams (AIGCP). His reason? He is tired of the constant quarreling between the UCI and the Grand Tours, join the club. But, of more interest is perhaps the piece on Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes of OP fame. He was speaking out at a sports health conference and had some very enlightening things to say about cycling and cyclists, neither of which he claims to follow anymore:

He spoke of sports impact on professional athletes. "You cannot race a tour on bread and water. Alternatively, you can if you are able to go at a 28 [km/h] average, not 42. The Grand Tours have to be modified radically, otherwise they will vanish."

He went though a slide show that helped demonstrate his point, according to an Italian newspaper, and used medical terminology that many in attendance would have had difficulty in understanding. "The cyclists are like miners: they know that they are at risk, but it is their work. Sport affects your health, and the doctors have to help."
The issue is delicate, and certainly storing blood bags in Madrid for professional cyclists around the world to re-use at a later date was considered a risky Рand not healthy Рactivity on the part of Fuentes and his collaborators, such as Jos̩ Merino Batres.
"Are the cyclists criminals? Certainly if you permit them to have their privacy violated while living in a free country. However, the cyclists were born to suffer, and they accept it all or almost all."

Confusingly evasive answer to the question of the criminality of the cyclists, many of whom have certainly suffered a great deal due to their association with Fuentes.

Yahoo! Eurosport UK reviews a recent creative doping excuse from soccer player Romario and includes Floyd Landis, booze, hair restoratives, and sex in the mix.

WADAwatch read the WSJ "Doping 101" piece from some time back and ponders WADA's testing procedures and entire system of operation:

Similarly, the idea is hard to hold back, that if Mr Catlin is in a position where his testimony is 'fatal' to certain Athletes, such as Floyd Landis, and yet, he has 'an ear to the ground' and is hearing 'such things' exist that fall in the rubric of laboratory error, is he not proving to those of us, who support the ends that WADA seeks, but do not support its MEANS of so achieving, that the system as envisaged is still fatally flawed?

Dear J muses on the media, its influence on what we see and think, and then manages to mention Floyd Landis along with other "disgraced" athletes. Maybe the "media" really is just trying to scare us all.

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Julie said...

Quote from a league spokesman on the NFL's drug program:
"But our substance abuse program is based on meeting the highest standards and respecting player rights in all phases of its administration."

If only....

bill hue said...

You have to be mistaken, that quote must be from Travis Tygart. No wait, he loathes dopers, as long as he gets to define who they are, using rules he creates, under a system he invented, through proof he declares as invincible by judges he selects. Same thing as the NFL, only different.
Bill said...

test comment.