Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Roundup

Craig Medred of the Anchorage Daily News writes about the slippery slope of PED use and what actually defines "performance enhancement". He cites Sir Edmund Hillary's ascent of Mt. Everest with the use of oxygen, which many considered "cheating". He notes that some of the "sanctimonious" who criticize accused athletes of using PEDs are themselves using "performance enhancement", in the bedroom. Then there is the confusion of the Floyd Landis case, and here he makes some interesting points:

Thus, cyclist Floyd Landis is allowed to legally use a cortisonal steroid to treat a deteriorating hip joint while riding the Tour de France, but is later -- after winning the race -- booted from the competition for allegedly using an anabolic steroid, testosterone, to boost performance, despite the fact there is little to no evidence that testosterone even works to boost performance.

The provides a snippy little Christmas list that takes a stab at being humorous. Unfortunately, most of hit items miss the factual mark. Example: Terrell Owens is a very good blocker, so if you want to dis him, that's the wrong thing to complain about. You really ought to be complaining about his indifferent hands and tendency to short-arm balls in traffic.

ESPN posts the top 100 sports moments of 2007 and Floyd Landis losing his 2006 Tour de France title did not make the top 10, something which Floyd will probably not mind much. He did log in at #21 however.