Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday Roundup

The San Francisco Chronicle quotes Maurice Suh who comments on the Mitchell Report's effects on Barry Bonds' case. Suh feels, unlike other lawyers quoted in the piece, that Bonds case will suffer due to the public perceptions created by the publication of the report, Suh should know:

"Broad scale publication of a report that goes to one of the central issues of the Bonds indictment can change the public's view," Suh said. "That has an impact on the criminal case and the general fortune of the person who has been indicted."

Suh said Landis' case before the American Arbitration Association was far more difficult because of the generalized perception of cycling as a dirty sport - the result of years of drug scandals at the Tour de France.

The Roanoke Times says baseball better get its act together and clean up or else. Just ask Floyd Landis what can happen when you get "caught".

The Globe and Mail writes about comments made by President Bush on the Mitchell Report and notes that baseball is held to a higher standard than other sports who may not face the same scrutiny when dealing with drug scandals. It's difficult to make the case that cycling has gotten off easy, even though its own scandals have generally failed to get Presidential attention.

The VeloNews Friday Mailbag contains a number of notes from readers who feel baseball has now started down the long road that cycling has been on for years, and one or two feel some satisfaction in that.

WADAwatch comments on the meeting between Dick Pound and Victor Conte during which trust was being established, but no names were named. Ww feels that unless and until WADA standardizes its lab procedures throughout the world, doping will continue to only be consistently caught through confession.

The Blogadier General
heard Roger Clemens denials of PED use and snarks that he sounds just like Floyd Landis, so how can anyone believe him?

Acknowledge, Move On is sickened by the baseball scandal and is pissed off at Floyd Landis too, but that's another rant altogether.


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"Public greets Mitchell Report with shrug"