Saturday, December 01, 2007

Saturday Roundup

The CyclingNews reports that a German court has ordered that testimony be compelled from Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes concerning the lawsuit between Jan Ullrich and anti-doping crusader Werner Franke. "This is a breakthrough," Franke was quoted as saying. "Until now we weren't able to get to Fuentes."

Reuters reports vague claims by Rasmussen about the personal problems that led him to, um, fib about his whereabouts, and that he's incredibly depressed by what has happened. But there aren't specifics, because they're too personal, we guess. We think if he wants to salvage anything of his professional reputation, he might need to come clean on nature of these personal matters unless they involve dwarves, certain vegetables and fruit, or lime green jello. Or sulk into retirement.

Rant read the "Different Columns?" piece post on TBV yesterday and feels that it's not only required reading but that it also may be an asset to team Landis at the upcoming CAS appeal.

WADA Watch digs deep (in multi parts) into the changes to the WADA code, and finds in detail a lot of things that reflect bad legal construction. Recommended for the legal types here. We still don't know why Zen's blogs don't turn up in our searches.

Racejunkie is off to the races again with a great post commenting on everything from Tiger Beat heartthrob Ivan Basso to questioning why Floyd Landis seems to be Pat McQuaid's whipping boy:

...Danilo Hondo is warmly lauded by vacuous hypocrite Pat "Dick" McQuaid, who is "confident" the clearly reformed repentant will fully support the fight against doping. Now, not to question Pat "Dick"'s perfect objectivity and fairness here, but if this is indeed the same Danilo Hondo who as I recall was dragged off to his ban kicking and screaming like an overstimulated tantruming toddler, why exactly is Floyd Landis--who after all has at least expressed support for severe doping penalties, if they can be clearly proven--being held up by McQuaid as a monstrous example of the sort of shameless soulsucking scumdwellers draining the life from this beautiful sport?

Healthinformationsite thinks that all performance enhancements, other than bionics, should be legal. They would eventually regulate themselves and safe dosages of steroids, or whatever other enhancement being used, would be established by the competitors themselves thus allowing a level playing field. Good luck selling this one to WADA.

This Just In
Annotated Mythbusters (related to Spare Cycles) confirms Wolfram Meier-Augustein's "Shooting fish in a barrel" comment, finding you don't even have to hit the fish, just generate a shockwave. Also, enjoy the minigun demonstration.