Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday Roundup

The Detroit Free Press posts a Mitch Albom column concerning not rushing to assumptions about athletes in the media spotlight, people we hardly know. The crux of the piece is Sean Taylor who was killed in an incident at his home. Albom doesn't know what kind of person he really was and wants those in the media to pause before they proclaim one thing or the other. Nice sentiment, too late for Floyd Landis though, who is mentioned in the piece ever so briefly and who after all this time is still not given that particular break.

The CyclingNews reports more on the nearly suicidal state of Michael Rasmussen's mind after he was kicked out of the Tour de France last summer. Whatever personal matter he is not commenting on must be a doozy.

The Montreal Gazette
reports that the doctor who had initially copped to giving Canadian cyclist Genevieve Jeanson EPO has run out of legal options and must now face the music. Dr. Maurice Duquette had tried to retract his statement of guilt right before his sentencing was to take place, but the court will not allow him to:

Maurice Duquette lost his bid before the Supreme Court of Canada this week to retract his guilty plea for prescribing erythropoietin, also known as EPO, a hormone that stimulates the production of red blood cells, thus boosting endurance.

Duquette now faces penalties from the Quebec College of Physicians for prescribing the banned substance to 11 patients, including Jeanson. Among possible penalties, he could be barred from practicing medicine.

Steroid Nation debuts "Epic Carnival--The 'Roid Report" a new blog which will give a weekly summary of PED stories in the news. This week Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, and cycling sponsorship/T-Mobile get attention.