Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Roundup

The Carlisle Sentinel Online wonders, with the type of "punishment" given to cyclists like Floyd Landis, what should be done to the baseball "drug cheats" listed in the Mitchell Report. They come up with an unsatisfying proposition that essentially agrees with former Sen. Mitchell's assertion that we should leave the past behind and move forward, as perhaps we should given the magnitude of what has been presented. But, the inequities are astounding when you consider that many of the MLB players who have been named could far better afford to mount a defense against a USADA like appeal hearing than could almost all cyclists who have faced similar fates.

The Chicago Tribune's
Jonathan Eig takes a far different stance from the one posted above.

The CyclingNews
writes that Danilo DiLuca has appealed his three month suspension by the Italian cycling federation (FCI) Disciplinary Commission to the CAS in the Oil for Drugs investigation. The CAS decision is not expected until at least April, which seems highly optimistic given the time line handed Floyd Landis in his appeal to the CAS.

The NY Times Dave Anderson thinks that without a specific and accurate test for HGH another Mitchell Report is inevitable.

VeloSwiss compares baseball player reactions to the Mitchell Report to the ways in which cyclists have responded to doping charges in the past couple of years, and feels that despite the way it looks baseball will not suffer cycling's fate:

Andy Pettitte obviously saw Erik Zabel's ridiculous EPO confession. Pettitte used HGH for "two days" after injuring his elbow. Several, though are taking the Floyd Landis/Tyler Hamilton approach of deny, deny, deny...

The Right Wing gives Floyd Landis #3 in the "top ten sports moments" of the year. Nice to know Floyd still has it.

Rant notes that all winning streaks eventually come to an end, even USADA's.

has a famous "resurfacing buddy" whose picture he had taken at the TdF. SV however also provides graphic pics of the procedure which was accomplished with great success.

Marksonland had to suffer through countless conversations about the Mitchell Report this weekend. And in reality he thinks he knows that Floyd Landis "cheated" and questions whether we know who actually won the Tour de France this year. So, what do you do when the technology keeps pace with detection methods, who knows?