Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not verified, complete rumour, and wrong

Addicted to Bicycles says Lance AND Floyd are doing Leadville this year. We're not sure we believe it. On the other hand, we already have a CAS decision that says Leadville doesn't count as a sanctioned race, the one point it seemed Landis won, so...

The poll on the site for who will win lists Dave Wiens, Lance, Floyd, and ... Ricco, like he's going to get a visa to enter the country.

Caveat reader.

Update: reliably confirmed as FALSE, from folks who ought to know. He may have gotten away with Leadville once, but not again.


Unknown said...

Could it be a good sign that Floyd is not doing Leadville? Perhaps he is staying as low-profile as possible in preparation for the 2009 season?

Can't some of you SoCal people find out whether he is doing serious training or not?


wschart said...

I am confused, not an uncommon state for me. I thought the ban was extended specifically because of Landis' participation in Leadville last year, which US Cycling held to be a sanctioned event. Otherwise 2 years would be up this August.

In any event, I suspect that Landis has stopped participating in these events so as to not risk his return to the active ranks next year. He may have been informally told he'd better not ride any more, or he just may be thinking that he'd better lay low.

. said...

Good feedback on the breaking story guys...and I'll eat it if he does not show in Leadville, but I've got a VERY tight source that says he is showing in Leadville, akind of "deepthroat" connection. I'll stand behind my source until he does not show at the you've checked in and responded though.
Elgee, Addicted to Bicycles
If I get a confirmed "he aint showin" I'll be the first to post it and eat myself, despite of myself.

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...


USADA was trying to extend Floyd's ban so that it would begin on Sept. 20, 2007 due to his participation at Leadville last year. One of the few (perhaps the only) concessions that the CAS panel made to Landis' side was not changing the start date. So the ban imposed by the first panel stands and Floyd is free to begin competing again at the end of next January -- provided he wants to and that he finds a team to ride on.

frankr said...

It's Wednesday August 6th and 10:30 PM in California and my girlfriend just bumped into Floyd at the Circle K in Menifee. She phoned me and I asked her to ask him if he's doing Leadville. Floyd said... YES! Could be he's pulling her leg. Rest assured I am not pulling your leg.