Monday, July 14, 2008

Fallout XV

CyclingNews mentions that Alexandre Vinokourov, Iban Mayo, and Cristian Moreni may be charged criminally for doping offenses at the 2007 Tour de France. This according to the Sud Ouest newspaper.

The VeloNews' Rick Crawford gives a "101 course" on blood testing and its proper place for the endurance athlete. With all of the emphasis on the "blood passport" and with Riccardo Riccò's values rumored to be in question, it's an interesting read for those unfamiliar with the particulars.

Racejunkie "praises" the "deeply stupid" but brave Cedric Vasseur for defending ,sort of, "A" positive rider Triki Beltran. And run Iban run, "les gendarmes" may be after you.

Doyoutri can't really get into le Tour this year, still being upset about what "they" did to Floyd Landis.

Doucheblog returns after a long absence and says that he has to count Floyd Landis in with the bunch who worked for Lance and have been "caught" doping. Despite this, Burt still thinks the evidence against Floyd "sucked". Not if you ask a WADA expert.

Fatty has designed a new jersey that is very cool, and the proceeds from its sale go to help he and wife Susan battle her metastatic breast cancer. Check it out, it's for a great cause.


Anonymous said...

Right after a VERSUS spot for "Take Back the Tour" (Screw the dopers...etc) they came on with a pitch for a "100% natural male enhancement" pill. It all depends on what kind of performance you are enhancing, I guess...

wschart said...

Where is Dick Pound when we need him?