Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday Roundup

Quote of the Day

If enough of us make enough noise long enough and loud enough it’s possible to bring about change. The old saying “you can’t fight City Hall” is only true if you don’t try. You can fight City Hall. And you can win.


The Independent Online discusses the credibility gap in sports today, with some particular reference to Landis.....

Superxtra observes that Congress gave USADA funding for another year, thanks to Ted Stevens and John McCain.

BikeBiz thinks media is warming to Landis, and starting to worry about unfairness at WADA.

ProCycling runs the UK interview from the weekend.

Comment from SFTwin points us to a "Speed Bump" cartoon.


FloydLandis.com talks about the David Witt Memorial event, Dec 17 (Sunday); Admission FREE to the public, donations encouraged to the firefighters fund; celebrity auction at the end.

Jason Sager has his own case, and he comments on Landis.

Rant digs into the politics of doping, and advocates writing people in Congress, with specific names and ways of going about it. While the timing isn't the best, it's best to start squeaking early rather than later.

VeloGal reads the second LAT article, and goes off again.

Spinopsys, in OZ, looks at the LAT article with an alternative eye:

Though reading the whole thing I’m not exactly sure what it proves. Sounds just like all the usual bogey men stories we’ve been hearing from all the usual quarters, with a lot of Americans apparently hard done by, so that must make WADA the bad guys. Whatever, I’ve made my point on this before.

Much is made of the Marion Jones EPO positive/negative, but in reality the system worked and Jones was cleared (also Bernard Lagat), with the result that circumstances surrounding her “positive” are now being investigated, which sounds like due diligence to me, but people like to believe what they believe, so I’m sure this merry-go-round will continue to spin

PJ Is thrilled by LeMond continuing to weigh in, this time in the Times (UK) story we reported yesterday.

The Anabaptist (re)vision/news review ponders Mennonites and todays' culture..

Slowtwitch has an interesting story about rumours/leaks of positive tests at the Ironman.

WOMMA, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (an oxymoron?) seems to like the wikipedia defense.

BeginnerTriathlete has a forum new to us, and has a not-very-knowledgable but polite discussion.



Anonymous said...

ORG here ...


Any "whispers" about when the date of the hearing will be set? This scheduling part is dragging on WAY too long. Makes me think something else is going on (a settlement?)

If they are not working a deal, then my thinking is if they don't have a date this week, they will stall off the scheduling of it until after the holidays.

If no back room deealing is going on, then what is the delay about now? Didn't Landis say he picked his arbritator (Campbell?) over a month ago.

Anonymous said...

Saw this in the paper yesterday.


Anonymous said...

ORG here ...

Not directly related to Landis, but thought you might find it interesting nevertheless.

In the December 18 edition of ESPN the Magazine, they have a big section on "the state of the fan".

On Page 82 they give some of the results of a survey of SPORTS FANS (not sure how they figured this out).

One of the questions asked is "did Lance Armstrong use drugs."

54% said NO.

Not bad for a computer hacker!

Anonymous said...

If they gave a Tour and nobody came? Hmmm. Do you think the teams and the sponsers have the balls to do it? I don't think so. But someone has to have the balls to do something, or cyclists continue to get screwed.
I never realized that MY TAX DOLLARS are supporting the USADA, when it's obvious, that it needs to be reworked! And I just changed my mind about McCain, he's one of the few Republicans at the top, that I respected.

Watch the USADA keep pushing Floyd's hearing, until it's sometime in the summer!! I never was a Tyler Hamilton fan, just because I started following cycling in 2004. I never warmed up to him. But, my attitudes have changed since reading the LAT articles. When is part 3 coming out?

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...


Something to think about: The anti-doping machine doesn't care how long this drags out. They have no interest in whether Floyd races again or not. Perhaps they're even determined to make sure he doesn't. The ones who care about when and whether Floyd gets exonerated are his fans and supporters (besides Floyd and his immediate network of friends, family, business associates, etc.).

On the other hand, by dragging the process out, the anti-doping agencies can try to bleed Floyd dry, in the hopes that he will just throw in the towel, say the words they want to put in his mouth, and take the punishment the wish to heap upon him.

So if you're inclined to believe that the anti-doping agencies are out to get Floyd Landis (and it's hard not to think so, regardless of which side you're on), then dragging out the hearing process ensures that he won't compete next year, and perhaps well into the future. By the time this process may be over, two years may have passed. So Landis will be receive the same punishment, even if his name is cleared.

Not exactly fair, but then again, who said the ADAs play fair? Not me.

- Rant

Anonymous said...

Sager's deal is almost crazier than Floyd's.. He missed an after event test. USADA failed to inform him properly that he was selected for a test. Now, his career is probably gone.. No positive test. That's just insane..