Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday Roundup

News discusses FL's continued progress on the bike (citing Dr. Brent Kay's comments from

The American rider is now back to regular training and one week ago, he and his personal physician Dr. Brent Kay took part in a Sunday group ride north of Los Angeles. "Over 60 miles, nearly four hours and 4500 feet of climbing - this was to be Floyd's longest, most difficult training ride yet."

Rant considers Le Rongeur's documents (the "hack/whistleblower" stuff). Having not heard from The Rat, all Rant has is a report from someone who has seen them, and he comments on that report. An important message is that we should be careful to separate the format from the content of these disclosures - while the papers may be forged, the contents may be real. If it wasn't real, why would LNDD complain about being hacked?

The downtube comments on last week's Bryant Gumble interview with FL, and how it might have been better handled......

Forums has a loooong thread about confidentiality and mistakes by the lab, and what that implies or doesn't about the accuracy of test results, and how it might affect CAS decision. Magilla appears to hold off all comers, insisting a positive test is a positive test, and CAS will back it.



Anonymous said...

ORG here ....


Anyone word on when the arbiration hearing will be scheduled?

DBrower said...

Empaneling the arbitrators is the next thing that's going to happen procedurally. I kind of expect that to be done in this week or next, then the sides will start motion practice and we'll get a schedule.


Anonymous said...

ORG here ...

It taking the Iraq Study Group less time to figure out what to do with Baghdad.

Now tat Jim Baker is free (or will be Wednesday) maybe we can get him involved in this process.

Can getting USADA and Landis to agree on a date be as hard as getting the Kurds, Sunnis and Shitte together?