Monday, September 29, 2008

Our New Kit

Packed with as many logos as a Pro Bike, our newest piece of kit comes in a range of capabilities. Taking a clue from the Cycling Biz, a recent innovation has been bold, new, large and EASY TO READ GRAPHICS!

The informative brochure fairly screams: "don't use this at home." On the other hand, they come industrially packed in crates of six for bulk consumption.

We also look forward to our visits by the GE AMX-IV, manned by the tag team of Alphonse and Gaston, who verify daily that the spleen is still holding, Cap'n. These now appear to be vintage machines, maintained by enthusiasts.

We are less impressed by the Whitehall Swivette, which, while space-saving, has a number of practical complications for the one-legged and one-armed which we will leave to your imagination.

We have finally learned one lesson. When the RN says, "ask for help to get up to go to the bathroom, or I'll alarm the bed," she might mean it. It's better to graciously let her help than to always make a stand on principles.


GMR said...

Hospital beds are the L'Alpe d'Huez for patients. Entangled with the many tubes and monitors that may be attached to oneself, the event of getting in and out is an Olympic competition unto itself. You have to play by their rules unfortunately for awhile.

Life in the slow lane won't be slow for long.

plum said...

Hang in there buddy. The entertainment value is priceless! Years of reading and many more to come.

beeble said...

Damn I didn't have that Swivette thingy when I was in the hospital, I had to get up and walk all the way 8 feet to the real combo restroom/shower facility.

On the other hand it's a lot like a porta-potty for camping so use your imagination.

whareagle said...

Db, check your inbox for something from iTunes when you get a chance.