Sunday, September 21, 2008

Irregular Report 24

Here and There
Velo Vortmax finds the time after a long hiatus to comment extensively on the Landis/CAS decision which he considers an abject injustice. He criticizes Christaine Ayotte in particular and the CAS panel in general not only for its decision, but also for the prejudicial manner in which it was rendered:

The CAS Panel condemned Maurice Suh, Dr. Davis, et al., in a vicious written attack as attempting to undermine the current anti-doping crusade by introduction of trivial objections to LNDD and WADA testing protocol. In this matter the CAS Panel could and must be considered irresponsible as every person, even athletes, enjoy due process protections and an opportunity to present their defense by experienced professionals. It is a requirement of any defense in doping arbitration hearings to attack sloppy laboratory work, incompetence, mistakes, anything that might have caused the Adverse Analytical Finding, especially when any one factor or combination of factors probably did cause the Adverse Analytical Finding; as did happen in the Floyd Landis case. Floyd Landis' defense of his innocence should have been praised by the CAS Panel not condemned. This is inexcusable and sets a bad precedent for other accused athletes who which to defend their honor from senseless predatory defamation and bad laboratory science. The CAS Panel should be ashamed of their conduct and apologize to Mr. Floyd Landis and his defense team now.

Rant draws some possible parallels between reports of problems with untested theories of lead analysis at an FBI crime lab and the WADA anti-doping facilities cycling depends on to test its athletes.

Racejunkie writes about the "brave new world" that is testing for PEDs at the Tour de France, and after its long over. Think you tested "negative"? Think again. And much to the relief of the "seniors" at the UCI, Viagra has been deemed "legal".


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