Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Irregular Report Sweet 16

Cycling Fan's Anonymous is reporting Landis was at the USPro championships, spending a lot of time with HealthNet boss Gregory Raifman. The team is looking for new sponsorship, and CFA speculates that Landis' personal sponsor Smith and Nephew may be on a list of four that the team is speaking with. We've heard earlier that Michael Ball thinks Landis is too pricey for his Rock Racing budget.

If it is HealthNet, Landis wouldn't be targeting Europe for at least the next year, but looking at the domestic calendar.

The PepperPlace Criterium, the Alabama non-pro Championship on Sep 13th, is being sponsored by Smith and Nephew. Landis is being hyped for appearances before, during and after. Back in the public eye he goes.

Powered by Pop Tarts
says the inspiration to use the "breakfast food" as cycling fuel came from none other than Arnie Baker who highly recommends them.

CyclingNews says Manolo Saiz is readying for a "comeback" in cycling, thus anything must be possible. Further down, it has officials of the Tour of Germany crowing that they are doing more dope testing than required -- an awesome eight riders per stage instead of the six set down in the rules. That'll deter 'em.

VeloNews reports Levi Leipheimer as the second American, after Floyd Landis, to wear the leaders jersey in the Vuelta.

Potholes and Roadapples notes the grand opening of the hugely expanded Green Mountain Cyclery in Ephrata, PA. Congrats to Mike and Jenn Farrington.

The newly expanded Green Mountain Cyclery.