Thursday, September 25, 2008

Irregular Report 25

Recent cycling vs car accidents have crowded cycling blogs with all too much frequency. Unfortunately this ugly trend has hit very close to home with the injury of TBV last night in such an accident. He is resting comfortably in the hospital and may be off the bike for a while. If you ride, be vigilant, if you drive please watch out for riders, they are so vulnerable. Updates will follow.

Here and There
ESPN's Bonnie Ford reveals that Floyd Landis has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court over the recent CAS decision that went against him:

Suspended cyclist Floyd Landis has taken the unusual step of challenging his doping conviction, stepping outside the anti-doping adjudication system to try to prove in U.S. federal court that his case was not fairly heard by a sports arbitration panel.

Lawyers from firms in California and Texas filed a motion late Thursday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles to vacate the arbitrators' award in Landis' appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport last July.

The lawyers did so on the grounds that the three men on the panel -- including the arbitrator Landis chose -- should have disclosed conflicts of interest that could have led to bias in their decision.

Rant could have written about lots of things tonight, but he chose instead to write of the dangers that cyclists face on the roads every day. He wrote about one cyclist in particular who is in lots of folk's thoughts right now, TBV.

Pommi sends his good wishes for a speedy recovery to TBV. Thanks Pommi.

The CyclingNews writes of Dick Pound's dissatisfaction with Lance Armstrong's comeback and proposed association with anti-doping expert Don Catlin. It's just not enough for Mr. Pound who has an elephantine memory.

Jen and Oli on the Loose had quite the "pub crawl" recently with Floyd Landis in Alabama. Jen and Floyd were "best friends of the night" and Jen talked to locals into letting Floyd sing "Sweet Home Alabama". Anyone got that on youtube?

Save a Limb Ride Don't forget that Floyd Landis and the ubiquitous Bob Roll will be participating in this year's ""Save a Limb Ride" which will take place on Sunday, September 28th near Baltimore, Maryland.

Rant notes the official return of LA. and wonders about the roll Don Carlin will play in this seemingly never ending saga.

also writes about the return of the "king" noting that "baby" Contador may have changed his tune.


Nancy Toby said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, TBV!

Bill Mc said...


I'm sorry to hear about your mishap and hope that you recovery quickly and completely.

GMR and I are currently visiting Stratford-upon-Avon and after seeing how the cars whiz down the narrow lanes here have decided to NOT rent bikes.

Keep us posted on your progress.

("Eightzero") said...

Get Well Soon, TBV!

whareagle said...

Well, the war of words continues...

Cheryl from Maryland said...

So sorry to hear about your close encounter with the four-wheeled kind. Get well soon, TBV!

racejunkie said...

I hope you're back on your feet (and of course your bike) soon TBV--how dare some reckless gas-snorting metal-bound bat-blind moron clip you?!



Diablo Scott said...

Damn. It was going to be a PB year for sure!

I'll be driving the warmies up again if you'd like to come.

PEM said...

Sorry to read about your accident, TBV. Wishing you well, and a fast and complete recovery.


wschart said...

Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I have had a few close encounters of the worst kind with cars, but only have required visits to the emergency room, so count myself somewhat lucky. Hope you're up'n'at'em soon.

snake said...

Was TBV wearing his helmet ?

And, if not, did he learn that he always should ?

Janann said...

So sorry to hear that!
I wish you a very speedy recovery, TBV!

Larry said...

feel better, TBV.

(this is why I walk)

whareagle said...

Snake, yes, he was wearing his helmet, and he was lit up with blinkies like a Christmas tree, all in daylight. The ninny just decided to exit the Interstate and cross 3 lanes without properly looking at the spaces in between the car and the turn lane. David did everything right, and nothing wrong.

Helmets don't prevent crashes. They mitigate potential head injuries.

Ali said...

Get well soon. No permanent damage, I hope ?

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...


Best wishes for the speediest of recoveries.

- Dan

jrdbutcher said...

Very sorry to hear about your injuries. Best wishes on your recovery and return to the bike.

nahual said...

Here's hopin' and wishin' and prayin' that your back on the saddle and feelin' fine really soon. And what we all want to know is HOW'S THE BIKE???

nahual said...

And now for the entertainment portion of our program, maybe someone close to you could buy you or share with you their DVDs produced by
That'll take your mind off your owie, if the drugs are lagging.

Cub said...

Jeez TBV, the lengths some people will go to just to get a new bike.

Good luck with the recovery.

beeble said...

Obviously a thinly disguised attempt to duck Mt. Diablo and the triathlon!

Get well soon TBV.

Russ said...

Get well soon, so sorry for the mishap! You have my prayers and warm regards.


Gary O'Brien said...

Best wishes to TBV. Hope you're out of the hospital bed and back out causing trouble soon.

jrdbutcher said...

Floyd has it right. The system is rife with conflicts of interest. Those conflicts are designed to be in favor of the anti-doping establishment and work against accused athletes. The system is, in fact, rigged. Brighter minds than mine have authored and supported editorials that detail the corrupt nature of the system, here on TbV and elsewhere.

Richard Young also has it right. A U.S. court is unlikely to hear the case. They don’t have jurisdiction. The Swiss courts have jurisdiction. Richard Young knows this better than most. He, and his cronies, designed the system to have ultimate jurisdiction in Switzerland.

Congratulations Dick. You are a gifted attorney who has squandered your substantial professional acumen to design a quazi judicial system that persecutes certain athletes, acts as cop/prosecutor/judge/jury, is unencumbered by any meaningful oversight, and gets our tax dollars to help you do it. In Floyd’s case, you actually acted as a prosecutor in two hearings and tendered substantial bills for your services, which are largely paid for by those tax dollars. Well done Dick. Well done!

Congratulations Floyd. You are a gifted athlete who was screwed out of the most significant win in your profession. USA Cycling and its anti-doping arm, USADA, were complicit in supporting a weak case from LNDD that should have been questioned, if not thrown out for lack of evidence, poor lab work, and gaping holes in sample CoC before we ever got to the hearing stage. Perhaps that is because officials at USADA didn’t fully read or understand the lab packet supplied to them by LNDD before rubber-stamping it? After all, their marching orders are not to read (most of it in French) or understand (how many USADA employees read French?) the LNDD lab packet. (Yet they turned it around quickly) Their marching orders are to rubber stamp actions against accused athletes. USA Cycling, your federation, didn’t offer any support. Rather, USA Cycling/USADA fed you to the wolves.

Congratulations Floyd. In spite of heavy odds and facing a system rigged against accused athletes, you have done more than anyone to shine a bright light on this corrupt system. Thank you for the illuminating education that was given at great cost to you, your friends, and family. I don’t sense it’s the fight you would have chosen, but it was the one forced upon you. Thank you for having the guts and determination to fight the good fight. For that, well done Floyd. Well done!

wschart said...

Larry, apologies in advance, but could lawyers be taking Landis for a ride here? I could see perhaps taking a case to court where you might likely lose in order to air certain issues and/or force the other party to produce certain evidence, but none of that will obtain if the US court simple throws the case out for lack of jurisdiction. So what is the point of proceeding thusly other than to rack up the billable hours? Or could it be that Landis is so focused on vindication that he is proceeding despite legal advice?

dailbob said...

TBV, Get better soon! I hope you're reading bike specifications to help you decide what kind of new bike to buy (always makes me feel better)!

Larry said...

ws, I don't have an answer to your questions. My rough understanding is that Richard Young is right and the U.S. courts do not have jurisdiction to hear this case. But I'm far from an expert on this area of law, and it would be interesting to read the arguments put forward by the Landis legal team.

You might take comfort in the fact that I've yet to correctly predict any ruling in the Landis case.