Sunday, September 14, 2008

Irregular Report 22

ESPN's Bonnie Ford talked with Landis about his and Lance's comebacks. The HealthNet/Momentum deal isn't finalized because of sponsorship issues.

Here and There

Floyd Landis was in Birmingham, AL yesterday for the Pepper Place Crits. He also represented Smith and Nephew ---who sponsored the crits--- and participated in a ride there with about 100 other mostly supportive cyclists.

The Birmingham News finally gets a comment from Landis on the ongoing negotiations that may land him at Health Net after his suspension ends January 31:

"It's not solidified yet but it was announced before I had a chance to get everything organized," he said Saturday. "I'm going to be racing again next year. I'm not sure which races I'll do but I'll start most likely with the Tour of California in February."

On the possibility that when he comes returns to competition he will be the target of even greater drug testing scrutiny:

Landis said it really doesn't matter to him if he is a greater target of tests because of his failed tests following the 2006 stage race in France. "I race because I enjoy doing it," he said. "It's been my life for the last 15 years so what other people think really is of no importance to me."

Finger Food has an informed piece about Landis' likely return, with sensible reasoning.

On the other hand, Cynic Central has a message:
Hey Floyd Landis, no one missed you. Don’t mistake the interest and enthusiasm over Lance Armstrong’s impending comeback as an indication that people want your lying, cheating, steroid-ing ass back in the cycling game.

Great news, Pommi is back on his bike! TBV's post-crash return to Diablo yesterday was a 1:23. Bad news for Pommi who feels that Diablo will be an event he volunteers for rather than rides in.

Brickhouseracing was at the Pepper Place Crits yesterday in Alabama where someone talked Floyd Landis into being a "podium boy". Photographic evidence below.

Floyd Landis, "podium boy".

Roadcx also rode in the Pepper Place events with frustrating results, and a fun ride with Landis got canceled.

Crux Cycling did catch onto one of Landis' group rides, and thought his pedaling was effortless. It usually is, when riding with regular humans at 15 mph.

Cat5 JPS runs down some notable cycling injuries, including the disintegrating hip.

In comments at Rant, Luc tells of a visit to Ventoux, where he rented a bike with 27 gears, of which 26 proved unnecessary. TBV might have used 4 on Diablo Sunday, the big ring being useless baggage. A couple of more tubes would have been handy - the second ascent was aborted due to flat.


nahual said...

No Better time than now I suppose, so after 7 days riding 400+/- miles with 20,000 +/- feet of altitude gain, and good amounts of attitude gain, my riding Cycle Oregon 2008 is complete. To get a feel check out the wild wheeled west feature. 2000 people and what is repeatedly cited as the best supported ride bar none. Try it, you may like it. The Wallowas can put a spell on you. L.

Thomas A. Fine said...

The Birmingham news also said this:

"Some cycling fans view him as a villain for having embarrassed his sport. Others say he is a victim of anti-doping efforts that presume guilt before innocence."

That's not bad. Granted they're not the New York Times. But still, I think Floyd has at least raised a wide-spred perception in this country that it could have been anti-doping gone awry.

In other words, maybe Floyd has succeeded in putting an asterisk next to the asterisk.

Not the desired outcome, but not the worst legacy either.


strbuk said...

Congrats on the fine ride yesterday TBV. I refuse to comment on the newest "podium boy" to hit the circuit. :-)


surf said...

You forgot the part about Floyd trying to blow off the ride. Floyd was supposed to do a group ride at 8:00 in the morning, but went out & got trashed instead. So anyone who was going to go on the ride got a text message at 1:30am saying it was canceled, then another at 2:30 saying it was rescheduled for 11:00. Classy.

Ali said...


I'm with you on that one. It is indeed class personified that a former winner of the TdF and current prospect for further pro acolades is still so down to earth.

It must be difficult for some to struggle with that sort of honesty. Not me, I'm loving the contradictions with expected behaviour ... it's almost like he's a real person and not some sad, self absorbed, two dimensional "athlete".


floyd said...

Hey Surf
Thanks for clarifying, I cancelled the informal ride at 9:00 PM due to the fact that my flight had been moved to 10:00 AM (google: hurricane). While I had hoped to get a small group together to ride before I left, some things were out of my control. As for the texts, I'm not sure who invited you but next time ask them to keep you updated more promptly. Again, I really enjoyed my visit to, the people of Birmingham, and the scheduled Saturday ride. I had hoped to do another on Sunday. My apologies to you if you missed the organized ride and please pass it allong to anyone else who may have been invited by "the texter", maybe next time I can stay longer.


beeble said...

Wow!! A drive by Floyd sighting!

By the way does know who the gal in the green jersey is? I'm still on the rebound after finding out there's a Mr. RaceJunkie said...

Beeble, you are cursed. There is a Mr. Brickhouse too.

Flying around hurricanes sounds like, a job for folks in the Air Force, or the ANG, if anyone asks me.


beeble said...

A day late and a dollar short again...

strbuk said...

So, where were all you guys when *I* was looking? :-)