Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday Roundup

The CyclingNews reports further details on Frankie Andreu's departure from the controversial Rock Racing team and gets "comments" from Floyd Landis on reports of his connection to Michael Ball and possible employment with the team:

"I don't want to comment... I don't have any agreement with the team," he said. "I know there are a bunch of rumours about it but I don't have any comments." Landis did confirm that he knows the team and Ball, saying that he supports their decisions. "I do know those guys there, the majority of them. I know that Michael Ball has made some very bold statements, but I wish them success. Those guys that they have on the team deserve a second chance."

The Philadelphia Inquirer proposes that Roger Clemens' appearance on "60 Minutes" tonight will be just another "dog and pony show", and Clemens' denials of PED use are just a little better than Floyd Landis' were.

The Albany Times Union says it's all a "fairy tale" and if you believed Floyd Landis, you'll believe Roger Clemens too. Not necessarily.

Muckety uses an interesting gimmick to explain the Roger Clemens "B-12" path to steroid use, and mentions Floyd Landis as an aside.

The VeloNews writes that German anti-doping activist Werner Franke, who has accused the entire 2006 T-Mobile squad of PED use during the Tour de France that year, says that former Telekom and T-Mobile doctors involved in the scheme used "Mickey Mouse" cartoon stickers to identify specific rider's blood samples a la OP and dog names for identification.

Racejunkie is worried that Floyd Landis, who has a "date with doom" (a.k.a. his CAS hearing) scheduled in March, may dirty himself by association if rumors he is considering working for the "repugnant" Rock Racing continue to spread. RJ is also concerned about Floyd's expressions of sympathy for those who "deserve a second chance". Save yourself Floyd:

Beware the Ides of March: interestingly, though, Ball might not actually have to run his own show, as none other than Floyd Landis--who recently learned his date with doom at CAS is set for March 19, absolutely guaranteeing by its exceedingly late arrival to the party that even if he wins (and he should) he's completely screwed out of any real chance at the Tour for all time, much less ever redeeming his rep as to the old one--has been rumored to be talking to Rock Racing about serving as an "unofficial advisor," as he'd need an actual license from the same clowns who've spent the last two years stomping the poor boy into the dust to do so officially. Does this seem utterly idiotic, not to say unfair, to anyone else, given how guys like Bjarne "I Won the Tour with a Needle in My Rump" Riis and Rolf "Hell, I Doped Last Week!" Aldag are faring in the management ranks at the moment?. Landis, sensibly, has met this rumor with a polite "no comment," kindly mentioning, however, that he does believe the, well, less reputable boys on the team do deserve a second chance...

RJ goes on to comment on "tiresome anti-doping zealot" Werner Franke, and more.

Chris at Podium Cafe doesn't take the "Landis to Rock Racing" talk very seriously.

Rog from The Second Most Useless Blog Ever feels Floyd Landis is getting into bed with the wrong people. Wonder what the first most useless blog ever is?

Professor Jane drags Landis into an unenviable category to flog her own book. Perhaps she's being a...