Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Roundup

The CyclingNews says that Rabobank is now demanding at least an apology from the German Television station ARD for its role in reporting team members' involvement in the Humanplasma doping "scandal".

ESPN reports that the newly former Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RusADA) is in the United States this week taking lessons on how to run its operation from USADA. There's something about the blind leading the blind that comes to mind, but the thought that RusADA is being formed only now is also mind blowing. This just in: rumors of sports doping behind the Iron Curtain.

The Boulder Reports notes the strengthened commitment to anti-doping controls announced yesterday by Tour of California officials. The biggest differences will be in the level of pre-race testing, which will be far greater than at other events, and the standards that auxiliary staff members on the teams will be held to:

The trick, as High Road discovered last year, is how to make sure those programs are transparent, independent and above reproach. The answer seems to be to form a partnership of sorts, between all the so-called stakeholders. At the Tour of California, sponsors will likely pay for the testing, which will be done by independent authorities (WADA-accredited labs) and then reported to a second independent body (the UCI) for use in its new longitudinal health passport program.

The NY Times
writes today about a new element in the evolving world of the steroid era: extortion. Jose Canseco is once again ahead of the curve.

RadSport (DE) has an interview where Jorg Jaksche vents, then goes on to give Landis this ambivalent support (machine translated):

Floyd Landis (former colleague, temporary first of the Tour de France 2006, proceedings for testosterone doping is still)

His case is basically just strange. Ich habe mich da ein bisschen reingelesen. I have a little bit because reingelesen. Scheinbar ist es so, dass sein Fall in anderen Labors negativ ausgefallen wäre. Apparently, it is the case that his case in other laboratories would be negative. Das Problem ist folgendes, um mit Professor Franke zu sprechen: Sie glauben ja wohl nicht, dass die wissenschaftliche Elite bei anderen Leuten im Urin rumstochert! The problem is this, with Professor Franke to say: yes you probably do not believe that the scientific elite with other people in urine rumstochert! Selbst Frankes Assistenten kriegen das Grausen, wenn sie sehen, wie in anderen Labors gearbeitet wird. Even Franke's assistant get the horror when they see what worked in other laboratories. Es geht um die Existenz eines Athleten, und man hat es unter Umständen mit Stümpern zu tun. It is about the existence of an athlete, and it has possibly with Stümpern to do. Mein Urin sollte am besten immer nur in Köln oder Kreischa analysiert werden! My urine is best done only in Cologne and Kreischa analyzed! Hätten sie Landis dagegen auf etwas anderes getestet; Bluttransfusion oder ähnliches … Es gibt mindestens zwanzig andere Mittel, die den gleichen Effekt haben und nicht nachweisbar sind – aber Testosteron?! Had they Landis opposed to something else tested blood transfusion or similar… There are at least twenty other funds that have the same effect and are not detectable - but testosterone? Deswegen glaube ich, dass irgendetwas nicht stimmen kann.“ Therefore, I believe that something is not right.

AP/Yahoo gives us the double-take headline of the day, "Floyd takes blame for Mayo". It turns out to be about USC Basketball coach Tim Floyd, and freshman recruit OJ Mayo. OJ! There's a connection!


WADAWatch presents a second draft of its excellent "Athlete's Bill of Rights". This is a start for real reform, and should be read and discussed.

In another post Ww mulls over comparisons between the USADA decision rendered against Floyd Landis last May and the recently published AFLD decision released this week. It's Goldilocks who had to have it "just right." We're also teased about a future post, hinted to be a blockbuster, and about a potential appearance at a WADA Media Symposium in Lausanne on Feb 27. It doesn't say who gets to come, but it is on your own dime, not out of the WADA/IOC trough. We are likely to skip.

Zizzle Zot says please no more Senator Mitchell!! With athletes turning on each other to lessen suspensions, steroid detection has now become the new "McCarthyism":

And once the investigation is under way, the accused is already guilty. They’ve already lost the most important trial of their lives, held in the court of public opinion. The veracity of the accusations matters very little. These celebrities (heroes) have betrayed our trust, taken advantage of our misguided idolatry, and thereby committed the new Unforgivable Sin.

Randomness and Chaos writes at length about some of the riders Rock Racing has chosen, and why there's nothing at all wrong with what RR is trying to do. In other words if David Millar has been given a second chance, why not Tyler Hamilton? R&C also mentions an ANGRY Mennonite.

Tour Squad admits to being a bit "enthused" about the upcoming cycling season, despite the exhaustion brought on by the number of doping scandals. TS thinks that by the time Floyd Landis is done fighting his suspension, it will be over.

Critical Section writes largely about current politics, but manages a few lines of support for Floyd Landis.

Barry Sherry wonders if he shares any common ancestry with Floyd Landis.

The former Bitch Kitty is now the Mad City MILF, and dismayed by the state of cycling. She and Bob Roll has parted ways on business matters because of the changed climate.

Feel It Robert compares this year's Patriots to Landis' 2006 season -- Favorably.

Junk Blogs
There is a phenomenon probably related to click-fraud, where fake websites and blogs are created, posting and reposting content from other sites. This is presumably to show up in searches, to get people to look, and either to appear as a click for an ad (generating revenue), or to just to provide a place for ads to be placed that might get clicked on.

A recent example of these reposted some old content from here. Ordinarily this doesn't rate a mention, because there are 10 or so a week. But the tagline at the end caught our attention, so we share with you:

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