Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saturday Roundup

The CyclingNews writes nothing about the possibility of Floyd Landis working for Rock Racing, but it has lots to say about Patrik Sinkewitz and Werner Franke:

Patrik Sinkewitz has denied claims made by German anti-doping crusader Werner Franke that the entire T-Mobile Team went to the Freiburg University Clinic for blood-doping after the first stage of the Tour de France in 2006. "There were no other riders in my car to Freiburg," the suspended rider said in an interview with the dpa press agency, refuting Franke's claims that "whole team" was involved in the excursion.

The VeloNews Friday Mailbag has plenty about Frankie Andreu leaving Rock Racing, and one letter which expresses doubt about the actual usefulness of polygraphs when people who lie are so convinced they are telling the truth.:

A polygraph (see "Talk to the machine" in Monday's Mailbag) works by measuring physical reactions such as increased heart rate or perspiration that result from the subject knowingly telling a lie. If the subject is not conscious of lying, there will be no such reaction.

It appears to me that Tyler certainly, and Floyd, maybe, has convinced himself that he never did dope. The human capacity for believing what we want to believe is remarkable, and such a belief would cause a perhaps unfairly exonerating false negative in those subjects. Lie detector tests of them could be misleading even beyond their inherent unreliability.

Bob Dennis

ESPN reports that despite calls for leniency the Judge who will sentence Marion Jones may actually give her to more jail time than guidelines call for.

The NY Times reports this morning that accused steroid user Roger Clemens and three others cited in the Mitchell Report will be called to testify before Congress.


CFA finds that the possibility of Floyd Landis working for Rock Racing invokes vision of David Lynch.

Rant checks in with a summary of Gatlin's case, and what it reveals about USADA and the WADA arbitration. He makes pointed reference to ESPN/Assael's piece of a few days ago that points some unflattering fingers:

Everything that's wrong with the World Anti-Doping Agency's code can be found in the tortured analysis of this argument by the 2-1 majority on the arbitration panel that handed down the decision.

Well, we'd add there's a few things about the ISL that aren't covered in the Gatlin decision, and the "endless flexibility" Assael notes is certainly found there.


ms said...

floyd really needs to com work for the mountain bike racing team. we drink 40's, rally rental cars, act however we want to and don't give a crap about what anyone else thinks. we would welcome his leadership any day.

Mike Solberg said...

Ali? Ali? What happened dude? You went off to learn from Simon Davis and we never heard from you again.

Long Christmas vacation in Orkney?


Ali said...


I'm back. Got sidetracked I'm afraid. I couldn't resist annoying the DPF residents.

Time to put one of my resolutions into action. No more DPF.