Friday, January 25, 2008

Anybody in LA?

It would be interesting to wander down to the Los Angeles County Superior Court and pick up a copy of the filings in the case Suh and Jacobs submitted against USADA. AP/Eddie Pells seem to have gotten his 25-page copy this old-fashioned way.

If someone could do that, and get us a copy, we'd be obliged, and we'll post it up into the archive.


Cycling Fan said...

I sent this to a few minutes ago in response to his quotes in the Pell article . . .

Mr. Bock,

As a non-professional but competitive, licensed cyclist, I am concerned at your willingness to make certain statements:

USADA general counsel Bill Bock said he had to adhere to USADA rules forbidding him to talk about specific cases, but called the lawsuit "utterly frivolous and morally bankrupt."
"... filing a John Doe lawsuit in state court seeking to prohibit analysis of a sample certainly raises the question of, what are they hiding from? What are they seeking to hide?" Bock said.

The first comment I understand. I in no way condone doping and if the person involved has then the system should deal with him/her. As a representative of the system and by extension, government of the sports system, I would expect you to be above suggesting “hiding” and the like comments. Considering the way that athletes are tried in the court of public opinion long before due process is granted, it does not seem fit that you would pile on by suggesting or hinting that someone has something to hide because they seek to stop actions they feel are outside the rules. Have some dignity and allow the process and the courts to have their say. Rise above. We DO NOT need a Dick Pound in the USADA system, willing to make sensationalist statements. Good day sir.

Cycling Fan said...

Oops, that's