Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday Roundup

The NY Times reviews last night's "60 Minutes" interview with Roger Clemens, and also reveals an hour long phone call on Friday between Clemens and Brian McNamee who accused the pitcher of PED use.


CFA reviews some of the cycling news of the week past and agrees with Racejunkie when he points out the percieved hypocrisies in allowing certain folks to be team directors when Floyd Landis is excluded from any official cycling position due to his suspension. Still, in an item further down in the blog CFA notes that Michael Ball, who might have talked to Landis about employment of some kind at Rock Racing, may not even know what kind of team he has anyway.

Rant watched the "60 Minutes" interview with Roger Clemens last night and is still unsure what and or who to believe. And he then asks who would pay $300.00 for a pair of jeans? Apparently enough people to give Michael Ball the cash to get into cycling and project an "outlaw" image, that's who.

Bob Mitera got lots of email detailing cheating of all kinds in competitive triathlons. He watched Roger Clemens last night on "60 Minutes) and still has doubts about him. He met Floyd Landis last winter and Floyd seemed sincere, who knows what to believe?

Tennis Diary compares PR approaches between Hingis, Landis, and Clemens. Landis looks like a doof.

Pommi rode Diablo yesterday despite recent weather damage in the area which made for some difficulties. He provides pictures. After a holiday break, TBV is just getting on the trainer again. Pommi is going to kill TBV this year.


Mike Solberg said...

Pommi is going to kill TBV this year.

You buried the lede!

pommi said...

I didn't quite "ride" Diablo, I "drove" it ... in 27 minutes to the summit, with quattro-AWD, and A/C set to 69 ... I'm not that tough.

Michael said...

Anyone questioning why athletes such as Clemmons and Landis don't do live interviews.

IMO, the producers work the images to make the athletes look guilty. We don't know when the cameras were on Roger while Wallace was asking the tough questions.

He looked pissed, so pissed he was about to cry.

I'm giving Roger the benefit of the doubt.