Saturday, September 13, 2008

Irregular Report 21

To read about the rumored comeback of Floyd Landis see Landis to HealthNet-Maxxis (Maybe). No NEW news on that front as of this morning.

Here and There
The CyclingNews writes about the scientific debate surrounding Lance Armstrong. Did he or didn't he, that IS apparently the point in question.

One reader note in CyclingNews' letters column wonders if doping actually works.

TwoFiveFix says you can ride with Floyd Landis today, if you're in Birmingham, Alabama that is. TwoFive might have found a more appropriate picture.

Rant writes mostly about the "soap opera" that IS the cycling "comeback trail" what with Armstrong and Landis rumors flying aplenty. There has GOT to be a Fox reality series in there somewhere.

Racejunkie seems particularly incensed today, and really why not? She does give Patrik Sinkewitz some sage advice on how to make a post-doping comeback.

Marty Dugard digs up some of his own excrement, and rolls around in it.


Unknown said...

Does Dugard not read what he writes???

Now he's basically saying Lance was doping via Floyd.

Why does he even go there? To think I used to like what I read on his blog. He must be bitter about something...

Ali said...

I read Dugard's piece. Utter tripe. What a waste of bandwidth.

He obviously had nothing to say so he made up something which would raise a few eyebrows and ... hey presto !

What a classless act. Tosser!