Saturday, August 02, 2008

Irregular Report 3

Summit Daily News/Eric Drummond

The Summit Daily mentions the Copper Triangle fundraaiser for the Davis Phinney Foundation in which Floyd Landis took part last year, so far we have no idea if he will be there this year. The picture above is of Floyd with a group of cyclists from last year's event riding the Fremont Pass on Highway 91.

The CyclingNews
reports a Belgian court has ruled that Johan Museeuw is subject to both sporting regulations and federal narcotics laws:

The former champion had argued that both laws could not apply simultaneously, but the court disagreed. Health education, preventative health care and sports medical control fall under the control of the Flemish Community, it agreed, but laws regulating the use of drugs are enforced by the federal government. This means that the Belgian narcotics laws may be applied to the Museeuw case, even if he had previously been sanctioned by the Flemish Community for doping.

A later edition of CyclingNews says six Columbian riders tested positive for banned substances during a stage race in May.

CyclingNews letter writers
wonder about Astana's internal anti-doping system, and another letter asks if Pierre Bordry should really consider the Tour de France a success from an anti-doping point of view.

The CaliRado Cyclist has a few final comments about "le Tour" and is still sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop due to the "Landis victory effect".