Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday Roundup

The NY Times wonders how a WADA official from New Zealand can compare the "national pastime" to a niche sport like cycling. (as the world waits for Roger Clemens' testimony before Congress) David Howman says that baseball is in turmoil, and WADA can come to its "rescue" as it did with cycling. Trouble is, baseball, and its fans here in America, seem to feel realtively little of the angst WADA wants them to:

(David) Howman, however, would be hard-pressed to demonstrate how American society or even some segment of society disagrees with what baseball is doing. The problem with these gentlemen is they operate in a self-deluding vacuum and don’t understand the reality of American sports.

The CyclingNews
posts Astana's disappointed reaction to its exclusion from the Giro start list, noting that all hope may not be lost.In a PM update the CN reports that Ivan Basso hasn't decided on a team yet, and that he "hangs his head low" and accepts his punishment foregoing any suggestion of a reduction in his suspension. Meanwhile Alessandro Ballan has requested a hearing with CONI over the recent Lampre doping control controversy.

The VeloNews Mailbag is full of incredulity about Dick Pound's desire to become CAS president

Moving on, in a demonstration of cost-effective priorities, Velonews reports USADA has secured a life ban against 40 year-old Steve Alfred. The sprinter was one year into an 8 year ban, and refused an out-of-competition test in November 2007. There was evidently no-one more relevant to test at the time, and USADA was horrified by the prospect of a 46 year old sprinter turning up at events when his existing ban ended. Think of the kids!

ESPN reports that the UK Athletics has backed down and has decided that Dwain Chambers can participate in the UK's national indoor track championship despite his recent lack of doping controls.

WADAWatch continues to be baffled by the AFLD decision in its Landis case, and the problems of wording in various WADA documents that seem to be precursors to trouble.

The CaliRado Cyclist watched the Superbowl and puts a cycling "spin" on his commentary.

Racejunkie paraphrases a line from "It's a Wonderful Life" and thinks maybe tearful confession is the way to go. And what IS up with TdF director Christian Purdhomme, is Astana in or out?

CFA posts upcoming CAS hearing dates, looks like a full docket:

Februrary 7th, UCI v. Michele Scarponi & FCI

March 1st, UCI v. Iban Mayo & RF

March 12th, UPA-CONI v. Alessandro Petacchi & FCI/WADA v. Alessandro Petacchi & FCI

March 19th, Floyd Landis

BostonLondonTokyo has started a blog, and has some kind words about a blog he follows covering the Landis case. Thanks!


Belgian Knee Warmers gives the news of the passing of a great cycling figure, Sheldon Brown. Every bike-wrencher on the internet has probably gotten some useful advice from his exhaustive, encyclopedic web site.

His last blog entry on 3-Feb announced his decision to vote for Obama in today's primary. He'd also just chosen not go get his rotator cuff repaired, because the rehab would have made it difficult to maneuver with the canes he was using to get around because of his MS.

There's a memorial page where messages may be left. Obits identify a heart attack as the cause: Bicycle Retailer, BikeBiz, Velonews/Leonard Zinn.

May the winds be at your back, Sheldon.


bobble said...

Just curious...

Did they deliberately schedule all the cycling cases around the same time or are most of their current cases (not)coincidentally cycling?

Phosphorylasekinase said...

Didn't you get it? Only cyclists are dopers. At least if you can trust public opinion...