Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday Roundup

AP/Yahoo reports Deutsche-Telekom (T-Mobile) is pulling it's sponsorship in the wake of the Sinkewitz revelations, and the general environment of the sport. So even if he wins his case, there will be no pink Floyd.

Florida Sports Magazine posts an article about the selection of the panel of arbitrators that will hear Floyd Landis' upcoming CAS appeal, Landis is quoted:

“My hope is that the CAS panel will review my case on the basis of the facts and the science,” said Landis, “and to approach my appeal from the principle that the anti-doping authorities must uphold the highest levels of appropriate process, technical skill, science and professional standards to pronounce judgment on matters that hold an athlete’s career, accomplishments and livelihood in the balance.”

The CyclingNews reports that Stefan Schumacher has made his "suspicious" blood values public and continues to maintain his innocence, and Spanish Secretary for Sport Jaime Lissavetsky says he doesn't want to argue with the UCI over Iban Mayo's (re)retesting:

Lissavetzky advocated that "a balance between the fight against doping and the respect for the rights of cyclists," needs to be found, but at the same time expressed that he didn't want to "enter into polemics with the UCI".

"When I heard that the B sample was not 'positive', I said that the rules had to be fulfilled, that is, Iban Mayo was free of doping. But then we come into some formal legal aspects used by the UCI as a reason for claiming a new analysis of the B sample, so that I do not want to argue with the UCI", Lissavetzky told Europress.

The Fresno Bee thinks that if Tucson can attract the likes of Floyd Landis and Lance Armstrong so can Fresno.

Rant thinks that Pat McQuaid's recent statements about taking cycling out of Europe are rather curious, and finds that Paolo's Bettini's comments are, in light of what McQuaid said, prophetic.

VeloGuy posts audio from Floyd Landis' recent appearance at the LA Triathlon Club. VG wants everyone to keep an open mind about Floyd's innocence since he himself has bee the recent recipient of incorrect lab work which has given him new insight into what that experience can be like.

TV Watch speculates about possible sponsorship troubles facing baseball in light of cycling's recent monetary downturn due to doping scandals.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer profiles the FRM cycling team in its blog section and notes that just as Floyd Landis had done, when you ride hard you have to nap when you can.

discusses training techniques and Dr. Allen Lim.

The Fat Cyclist proves categorically that wife Susan is tougher than Landis and Lance: She's having a hip replaced tomorrow, is fighting cancer and is the mother of four, including a pair of 6 year old twins. Send her some positive vibes in the comments there.

Joeschmo notes the "passing" of T-Mobile from cycling, and thinks that as the sponsorship money dries up so will a lot of the scandal.He also has a unique way of couching the Landis saga:

And we saw the mental gymnastics required by the two arbitrators to vote Floyd Landis guilty of doping, when they threw out the results of the first test, but accepted the results of the second test, which would not have been run without a positive in the first case, and had to ignore all the problems with the second test as well.

Tri Guy thinks he knows how Floyd Landis felt when he "hit the wall".