Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Roundup

Today is the anniversary of Landis' breakaway win on Stage 17 to Morzine.


The Californian covered yesterday afternoon's "Positively False" book tour appearance by Floyd Landis before a friendly crowd at the UC Riverside Student Recreation Center. This is the last scheduled stop on the nationwide book tour. Landis, who drove from his home to the signing with wife Amber and daughter Ryan, seemed relaxed as he spoke to those present. The majority of the questions revolved around cycling techniques, and training regimens:

Larry Ott of Riverside asked how quickly Landis climbs the southern slope of Mount Palomar. Ott said he himself takes the 10 percent grade at about 6 miles an hour. (Landis said he manages 15 miles an hour, provoking a couple of gas
ps from the listeners).

"It doesn't sound all that impressive," Landis said. "That's why they use kilometers in Europe."

PE.Com was also present at the UC Riverside Floyd Landis book signing event yesterday afternoon where Floyd expressed his appreciation at being able to meet fans after what has been more than a trying year. The standing room only crowd was vociferous in its support of the 2006 Tour de France champion at what was the final stop in his 12 city tour in support of his memoir "Positively False".

The CyclingNews has plenty today about the Tour de France, unfortunately it's mostly about doping. The rumors about Michael Rasmussen caused Christian Prudhomme to call a hasty press conference this morning before the start of today's stage to discuss what the missed testing dates will mean to the current leader of the Tour, and the Patrik Sinkewitz situation was also addressed. In addition rider agent Tony Rominger , who has some clients accused of doping, comments that the Floyd Landis affair was the most damaging to cycling of any that have occurred of late.

PezCyclig News has a courtroom report,unfortunately, and one of the Italian riders who is testifying before CONI is taking heed of how the Landis case was aggressively handled. Perhaps not surprisingly the lab that found Marco Fertonan testing positive for testosterone is none other than the LNDD.

First Post UK wonders what happens to old Tour bikes, including Landis' winner. They miss the point about difficulty recycling carbon fiber.

Financial Times (UK) says "the wheels have come off" the Tour and pro cycling. It blames self-inflicted wounds for the movement towards marginalia, but gives L'Equipe some of the credit.

Various Strange Questions takes note of Floyd Landis on "Last Call" last night, but says nothing about the content of the show. It's not on in our area so we missed it. notes Leipheimer has adopted the "Praying Landis" time trial position.

Rant revisits the Ian Thorpe affair, and L'Equipe's timing the release of the story. Ressiot evades responsibility. He also looks at Chicken targeting, and celebrates Tactics as the word of the day.

Erik Selberg read "Positively False" and thought it was a good glimpse into pro cycling and training that it takes to rise to the top of the heap in that world. But he is still not sure if Floyd won the Tour de France clean, or if USADA knows what it's doing for that matter.

Science Fiction Twin has YouTube videos to share, and expresses the opinion that another French "lab" has messed with the Tour de France like last year.

Dale and Rebecca in OP finally posted Dale's experience meeting Floyd Landis at the Oak Park, Il. "Positively False" tour stop. Dale had to find a creative way get Floyd's attention for a pic:

"Dreamy Eyes" (Photo: Dale)

Bitch Kittie
ruminates about the Tour coverage and the various stories that abound with this year's event. Floyd Landis has responded well to his training and he was given something yellow to wear as a reward of course.

Pursuit feels that the Tour de France is no longer as popular as it once was in the US because Lance Armstrong no longer rides. He also feels Floyd Landis only won last year due to the elimination of various riders involved in the OP scandal.

read on TBV that today is the anniversary of Floyd Landis' stage 17 victory in last year's Tour de France, and it seems so very long ago.

The Second Most Useless Blog Ever is sick of his recurrent blog themes, Floyd Landis and food, and needs a change, quick.

Bruce Hildenbrand
talks about time trialling and noticed that Levi Leipheimer has adopted the "Praying Landis" position.

The Peterson Weaver et al. Family Blog listened to a radio program today in which David Walsh, author of "From Lance to Landis", stated that all negative tests in cycling were in error. This was questioned on air by the blogger who confirmed that Mr Walsh indeed meant what he said.

Lij tells us that Arya is able to recognize and say "hi" to Floyd, and gives us video proof. Also Lij has revised her links, and TBV made the cut.

tells us the smoke is still black, and that the Floyd Landis "conclave" is not nearly as long as it might turn out to be.

Life is a Tri gives us and interesting quote from last year, and still thinks that Floyd Landis is innocent:

My parents would look at everything that I’ve gone through and say that all this is God’s plan, which makes it sound like a good thing. But I can’t do it, because I have to work with what’s true. Things end. We’re all going to die. But until that happens, there’s really a lot you can do. Especially if you realize this is your last opportunity.'” (Floyd Landis, NY Times 7/16/2006)

Wackbag berates another blogger for inaccuracy in a beef about Landis.

Get on, clip in, fall off (been there, done that) is irked by bad lab practice, and makes 10 suggestions that will never be taken by WADA.

PJ notes that it took 2 years and 8 months to elect Pope Gregory X in 1271. The wait for the Landis decision continues with black smoke.

Thanksgiving Feast
describes Positively False as telling Landis story "about his travails with the overseers of the Tour de France."


Unknown said...

Anyone know which laboratory found a positive for testosterone for Patrik Sinkewitz/ T Mobile guy?

carltonreid said...

Science Fiction Twin's confusion.

It's not confusing, it's a joke. ie French Lab-rador, meaning the dog that Burghardt ran into on stage 9. It's a good joke.

strbuk said...

Carlton was it a Lab? Shoot I have been having trouble paying attention to the Tour this year, I guess *I* have gone to the dogs! :-)

wschart said...


It was the German lab, as best I can tell from what I have read. Apparently an out of competition test.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I didn't do my due diligence and figure out what breed the dog was, but I thought it was funny. I'm sure there are plenty of punsters out there who thought the same thing. It's a sickness.

But it made Carlton laugh, so that's all that matters.

Cub said...
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carltonreid said...


And who's to say the dog was even French? My money is on it being German, sent in among the riders by German TV crews with nothing left to do at the Tour...

Citisin said...

Did anyone test the dog for PED's?

Unknown said...

Poor Rasmussen... attacked by those poor losing Americans... I can read the headlines now...

marc said...

There was a certain "what goes around" pleasure in watching Prudhomme complain about how the timing of the Danish federation's announcement had damaged the Tour--after all the cyclists who have been victimized by mis-timed or malevolently timed leaks about tests or disciplinary actions.


Unknown said...


Have you read todays Velonews article? With admission I read your post, although I was referring to the article.


marc said...

Hi Jason,

You mean the Biopure article? No, I hadn't read it until you called my attentiion to it. I was just referring to listening to Prudhomme on the evening news here in France, complaining how the Danish Federation had picked such a lousy time to spring the news of Rasmussen's exclusion from the national team. My comment wasn't related to your earlier post, and has nothing to do with guilt or innocence, just the pleasure of watching CP ask for consideration that hasn't been extended to riders by himself or ASO.


pensum said...

Here's the link to the Velonews article that reads like a truthful report on Rasmussan and doping allegations:

Lij said...

I had a feeling when I posted that video of Arya saying hi to Floyd that I'd see a note about it on here tonight! :)

bob said...

I appreciate you found my blog, I dont appreciate that you stole and edited my photo without asking. I would prefer you either remove my photo of Floyd Landis or you properly credit the source photo.

dale murray

DBrower said...


Apologies; we thought the text preceding the photo was a pretty clear credit attribution, but we've altered it to be in the caption.

If you'd still like it removed, we'll do that too.


bob said...

Thanks you for your attention to this and for the record, I think he is innocent and was devastated when they did not side with him.

Good luck
Have fun