Friday, June 22, 2007

Some men in black

Yesterday's story about the UCI going after cyclists riding in black jerseys prompted some Men in Black to go public with a press release late Thursday. I think we can assume they were among those targeted ny the UCI, though of course we have no way of knowing whether they were among the "not negative" results.

Astana Cycling Team press release

Ever since the UCI announced that it had been giving special attention to six or seven leading riders suspected of having used illicit products, certain media outlets have been busy sowing doubt among the teams. Astana Cycling Team does not want to play these games, and expects the following to clarify matters.

During the course of this present season, if Astana has very occasionally allowed certain riders to train anonymously, that was so that Astana professionals not be continually bothered by cyclotourists--especially on the Côte d’Azur--and was not through any wish to conceal anything. Final training in the Pyrenees, moreover, took place in the Kazak team's own uniforms.

Astana Cycling Team is completely in favor of unannounced tests, which may be conducted by the team itself, the UCI, national federations or WADA. Astana riders do not depart from this policy in any way.


Tyson said...

Vinokourov (one of the "men in black") said that he trains in black on the Cote d'Azur to avoid crowds of cycling fans following him everywhere. I think that's completely reasonable.