Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Roundup

Sportingo wonders, is the tide turing for Landis?

EuroSport notes that Bradley Wiggins is "ashamed" to be a cyclist and is still angry at Landis:

"I was really angry with Landis. It sickens me."He tested positive and then he was denying it. It took us riders for fools."

This produces a long discussion at the Daily Peloton Forums.

The Press-Telegram of Long Beach,CA contains a thumbnail sketch of the current state of affairs in the Landis case, with nothing new added.

The Cincinnati Enquirer
regurgitates Christian Prudhomme's "disappointments" in its "quotables" in the Out of Bounds column.

The Cyclingnews carries a very short mention of the Landis camp's response to the possible postponement of this week's AFLD hearing as suggested by Jean-Francois Lamour.

Calfeegirl has wondeful memories of last year's and this year's power camp Inspiration comes in many forms:
As we approach the bike room...Floyd appears, and I hesitate, not sure if he will remember me, or what kind of greeting to give him...but he takes the initiative, flashes his million dollar smile, gives me a big hug and tells me "it's good to see you again". I hug him back, and whisper "congratulations, I'm proud of you" in his ear, he smiles and says "thank you". He's still as hot as ever. I remind myself I'm married (and so is he), and I'm old enough to (almost) be his mother. LoL (*sigh*) He's looking at his new custom bike frame w/ Jack Handy quotes all over...VERY cool indeed.

Endless Cycle say you can change your ride IF you change your mindset .

Rant appreciates M. Lamour's discretion. He also doesn't buy Lelangue's "shocked, shocked indeed" about Landis, and think, well, he's unbelieveable.

HeavyD posts a nostalgic and well produced tribute video to Floyd.

Sprinter Della Casa talks about seat positioning changes, using Landis as an example of change motivated by injury.

In a discussion whether we've decided whether Landis is guilty at DPF, we get some clues why DP proprietor Vaughn Trevi is so hesitant to assume guilt, based on personal experience.