Saturday, July 29, 2006


The transcript of the Larry King show with Landis has the following interesting exchanges over questions from viewers:

KING: We have another e-mail from Tim in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. "Can you release or authorize the release of the actual document showing the test results, not only after stage 17 but others from the Tour and from before and after the Tour?"

Floyd, could you authorize that?

LANDIS: I don't know if I can, because I don't have the other tests in my possession. I don't have the actual test in which I was accused of having an abnormal reading. The team has a copy. I could get it.

The other tests we're in the process of trying to acquire. Ordinarily, we don't receive any kind of correspondence from the testers unless there is a problem, so I have never in my life received any kind of results from the tests.

KING: But Dr. Kay, would you have any problem releasing anything?

KAY: No, I think we'd all like to see it
Followed a little later by
KING: Nicholas in Medford, New Jersey, an e-mail. "During past race day drug testing, has Floyd exhibited a pattern of normal but high testosterone levels? If not, what physiological explanation can account for the spike?" Doctor?

KAY: Well, Floyd has been tested countless times. I think we talked about maybe 20 this year alone and all you are given after those tests are the negative results. He is normal. He has been normal on all the tests so he's never received the documentation of the actual laboratory values. You're not entitled to them.

KING: Should you be?

KAY: So we've had those questions over and over. It would be nice to see them now but I think that's their position.

Based on this, I think we should expect the same kind of openness from the Floyd camp on all the test results, both historic and future, that we've come to see with his PowerTap numbers. If yes, we'll have more belief in whatever arguments are made, and if not, there will be more reason to be suspicious. Recall that one of the awkward things about the Hamilton defense was that it didn't appear he did any follow-up testing to attempt to prove his hypothoses. Floyd seems to be willing to do such things, and make the results public, which is a favorable demonstration of his intentions.