Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fallout XX

Floyd Landis was slated to take part in today's Breckenridge 100 NUE MTB race in Colorado. Any news we get on the race, and on Floyd's possible participation in it will be passed along asap.

CyclingNews reports on Ricardo Ricco's arrest for using "poisonous substances", his night in jail, and subsequent expulsion from France. Poisonous substances? Wonder if that bad Beaujolais Nouveau from a few years ago would qualify, hmmmmm. In other news some team managers feel that the UCI must be included in pro cycling's new iteration .

CN also says Barloworld is bailing as a sponsor after the Tour. Robbie Hunter has to be wondering what god he offended.

MedPage Today runs over some of the CERA and EPO issues, and conflicting senses about various aspects of testing. We're quoted as if we know something, but it's now two days of no-positive-tests, so there you go -- they got everybody.

In its letters column
the CyclingNews offers some interesting reader opinions on the UCI, and boycotting the Tour as well as the Olympics.

The VeloNews' John Wilcockson writes a great piece on the unexpected effects doping has on those who cover cycling, and not only those who ride. He writes in particular about L'Equipe journalist Philippe Brunel who had written extensively on Ricco's ascension, and who now writes of him after his downfall:

Toward the end of his piece, Brunel said: “Another question poses itself: Why? Yes, why did [Riccò] sell his soul to the devil? To these preparers, these vultures without scruples, who circulate and gravitate in the shadow of the riders, knowing that they can’t “charge” themselves with this type of hormone without a scientifically competent environment? For the money? The glory? By reflex? ‘By unconsciousness or denial of reality, I don’t know,’ suggested Pietro Algeri, his directeur sportif. ‘You know, the riders don’t know how to evaluate reality."

The Daily Peloton says Michael Ball is running to be a Trustee of USPRO. That'll be a fun election.

The AP reported the Olympic dreams of Oscar Pistorius, the "Blade Runner". are over because he didn't run fast enough.

Scenic City Sports urges us to slow down and realize the problem is racing in all its forms.


Larry said...

Barloworld is out. Strange, I guess they didn't get the memo from ASO that we've turned the corner on doping, or the memo from Pat McQuaid that no one leaves the sport without UCI's permission.

Also, TBV Speaks To The Doctors.

Unknown said...

There are a few inaccuracies in the aricle, but way to go TbV!

Wrt Barloworld, the UCI will pocket the bank guarantee. The bank guarantee is a scam, as was long ago found out by Floyd and his team mates during the Mercury fiasco.

This is an example of why the UCI does not have support from the rides. It’s because the UCI has a long history of non-support of the riders, especially when they need it most.

bobble said...

Sorry no Floyd listed in the B100 results so far today.

Bummer I was hoping to run into him!

m said...

Director of Saunier Duval, Jose Matxin, is interviewed on, and says he is "fucking disappointed" but also mentions that he was told by AFLD that Ricco's control had been analyzed in three labs, Lausanne, LNND, and Barcelona.

El Pais reports that Piepoli, who was also Ricco's roomate, "confessed" to Matxin saying he "did the same as Riccardo". However, we are still waiting for Piepoli's test results.