Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fallout X

The Los Angeles Times snarks that because of "frauds" like Floyd Landis one can't believe any extraordinary accomplishments in sport anymore, and the "days of innocence" are lost. Look at the suspicions surrounding Dara Torres and Raphael Nadal for example. Apparently Floyd Landis has "tainted" not only cycling, but swimming and tennis as well.

The CyclingNews features a Reuters piece with Greg LeMond who in his own inimitable way says cycling no longer needs the UCI, sounds like he's bucking for "cycling czar":

"Cycling no longer needs the UCI," LeMond told Reuters. "The UCI is just there to stamp licenses and make the regulations. The solution for cycling is very simple: organisers and riders should create their own federation and take over the sport.

"I'd love to be part of it and that's why I'm here," he said. "Last year I came on the Tour to ride on the course with my son [in L'Etape du Tour]. This year, I came because I believe it is time to stand up and speak out for a new cycling."

UCI boss Pat McQuaid responds to LeMond's comments:

"Once again, he's talking about something he doesn't know anything about. What is his qualification to talk about it?" said McQuaid. "Anyway, it is nothing surprising. We have been saying for a while that it was ASO's decision to start a private league. What LeMond says does not make any difference."


Rant puts up a post with a title that would make Agatha Christie happy, Curse of the Yellow Jersey indeed. In part two of today's post Rant refers to the same email received here noting that while USADA should have dismissed the case if the theory is accurate the "Landis die" was irrevocably cast:

The real question in all of this is whether LNDD established a valid AAF. In the eyes of the emailer, even though the CAS panel accepted USADA’s arguments in the case, the evidence of how LNDD’s technicians performed the CIR/IRMS tests and the documentation of what they did and what they were supposed to do fails to establish the AAF. It appears to be a pretty solid argument. For any serious students of the Landis case, this document is worth the read, and definitely worth pondering.

Perry Austin is a Tour de France junkie and thinks no one will even remember Floyd Landis. We find that hard to believe.


wschart said...

It's kind of scary that for once, I agree with McQ.