Saturday, July 29, 2006


We should note that US sprinter Justin Gatlin has just announced that he's been found positive for the same infraction as Floyd. Reports are mixed -- some say it was by the same lab, other say it was a lab in Los Angeles. The Gatlin test is reported to have used the spectrographic test. Larry Gatlin seems nearly as unlikely a suspect as Floyd -- he's been outpoken against doping, and faces a life ban for a second offense having been nailed on a technical violation earlier. Things may really be that rotten, the tests may be bad, or there may be funny business going on.


Christy Hammond said...

His name is actually Justin Gatlin. :) But it is unusual that the two big names in both sports have testing problems being announced at the same time. I made two posts on my blog, one about Gatlin and the other about Landis.

trust_but_verify said...

Oops! Fixed. Thanks!